Collection: WEEK AQUA T Series B3.0 NEW

[product name] WEEK AQUA NEW T Series
[B3.0 VER2]
In B3.0 VER2, the small green light on the Bluetooth unit no longer lights up. Also, the lighting method has been made more gradual. The number of time schedules that can be created has also increased. The sunrise/sunset function can now be used with custom waveforms.

[Main functions]
RGB light with UVA
pendant hanging light
air cooling fan
Smartphone app control
Dimming function
timer function

Spotlight type LED light that can cover up to 60cm x 60cm.
It can be used even in a 90 cm aquarium by hanging it high.
It is one of the best spotlight type RGB lights in the world.
It is the only one light that also has UVA.
It will make your home aquarium into a one-of-a-kind aquascape.

It excels in the straightness of the light, which is a feature of the spotlight type, and it is easy to create a reflection of the fluctuation of the water surface on the bottom of the water.
On the other hand, an optical lens like a telephoto lens makes it possible to illuminate a point light source widely.
It is an RGB+UVA light that has properties between a 60cm flat type light and a spotlight like Amaterasu.

[Light intensity design]
Start with 50% output when growing positive aquatic plants in a 60cm regular tank.
RGB+UVA light equipped with UVA (black light) that makes aquatic plants and fish look beautiful.
Black light (UVA), which has been loved by fluorescent lamps such as T5 tubes, improves the brilliance of ornamental fish and the appearance of aquatic plants.
By adding UVA to the RGB light that can be controlled by the app, it is finished as an LED light that is suitable for viewing.

Clean the fan regularly.
Do not use in dusty locations such as outdoors.
Please refer to the Japanese manual for setup, cleaning and use.
A hanging stand is not included. Please prepare separately.
A separate + driver is required for maintenance.
A soldering iron is required to replace the main board.
For the soldering method, refer to the attached manual when purchasing the main board separately.