WEEK AQUA About Taxes

When the customer receives the goods, the customer must pay taxes to the local shipping company (UPS, DHL, FEDEX). It is based on the rules of each country. Once the product arrives, you must proactively contact your local shipping company.

For example, in EU countries, there is a tax of 19% to 21%.
In Japan, there is a 10% tax.
The customer pays the tax to the shipping company to receive the package.
The amount of tax to be paid is determined by the invoice document we prepare.
The invoice document describes the goods and the amount.

The less price we show on the invoice document, the less tax the customer pays.
We export a lot. We would be able to choose the best amount empirically.
We would be able to offer good profit to our customers.

If you have any requests regarding this price, please contact us.