Collezione: WEEK AQUA NEW M Series B3.0

[product name] WEEK AQUA M Series
[Main Features]:
RGB light with UVA
Aquarium can be placed directly on the tank (0-20cm width extension possible)
Shade angle adjustable (15 degrees)
Smartphone app control
Dimming function
Timer function

Acrylic stand
Hanging wire

This light has enough light to grow positive aquatic plants in each size regular tank.
This LED light comes with a stand to complete the lighting system in one package.
When using the special acrylic stand (10cm from the water surface), a 45 or 60cm tank regular can create a positive aquascape with about 70% x 12h output. The output is about 70% x 12h.
For a 45cm high tank, 100% output is sufficient to meet the necessary conditions.

[Light Quantity Design]
For use with positive aquatic plants, start with about 70% output for a regular aquarium.
Black light (UVA), loved by fluorescent lamps such as T5 tubes, improves the glow of ornamental fish and the appearance of aquatic plants.
UVA is added to the app-controllable RGB light to make this LED light suitable for viewing.

Do not use in dusty areas such as outdoors.
Refer to the Japanese manual for setup, cleaning and use.
Suspension stand is not included. Please prepare separately.
An L-bar and + screwdriver are required separately for maintenance.
A soldering iron is required for mainboard replacement.
For soldering instructions, please refer to the manual that came with the mainboard when purchasing the mainboard separately.