Collezione: WEEK AQUA P Series NEW B3.0 VER2

[product name] WEEK AQUA NEW P Series
[B3.0 VER2]
In B3.0 VER2, the small green light on the Bluetooth unit no longer lights up. Also, the lighting method has been made more gradual. The number of time schedules that can be created has also increased. The sunrise/sunset function can now be used with custom waveforms.

[Main Features]:
RGB light with UVA
can be hung
Water tank can be placed directly
air cooling fan
Smartphone app control
Dimming function
timer function


hanging wire
Z-type stand for direct installation in water tank


This is the widest and strongest LED light in the series.
It is very powerful and can cover a wide radiation field.
A cooling fan is installed because it has a lot of power.
Therefore, even at 100% output, it is possible to operate at a surface temperature of 50 degrees or less.
You can hang it high and use a P600 light for a 90cm tank, or a P900 light for a 120cm tank.

Depth and height are ideal for larger than regular tanks.
The power supply voltage uses 36V DC, and powerful irradiation is possible.
It can be applied not only to regular tanks, but also to wide type (D50cm 60cm) and high type (H50cm 60cm 70m 80cm) tanks.
There is no aquascape that cannot be created using this light.


[Light Quantity Design]
When growing positive aquatic plants in a regular tank, start with about 50% output.
RGB+UVA light equipped with UVA (black light) that makes aquatic plants and fish look beautiful.
Black light (UVA), which has been loved by fluorescent lamps such as T5 tubes, improves the brilliance of ornamental fish and the appearance of aquatic plants.
By adding UVA to the RGB light that can be controlled by the app, it is finished as an LED light that is suitable for viewing.

Clean the fan regularly.