Collezione: WEEK AQUA NEW S Series B3.0

[Product name] NEW WEEK AQUA S series
[Main functions]
RGB light with UVA
Stand height adjustable
Smartphone app control
Dimming function
timer function


The same LED board as the M series is used.
It is an LED light that completes the lighting system in one package by attaching a stand.
You can grow stemmed plants to negative aquatic plants in nano tanks, paludariums, 30 cm cubes, and 45 cm tanks.

[Light intensity design]
When using positive aquatic plants, start with about 70% output for regular tanks.
Black light (UVA), which has been loved by fluorescent lamps such as T5 tubes, improves the brilliance of ornamental fish and the appearance of aquatic plants.
By adding UVA to the RGB light that can be controlled by the app, it is finished as an LED light that is suitable for viewing.

Do not use in dusty locations such as outdoors.
Please refer to the Japanese manual for setup, cleaning and use.
Use the dedicated stand with a glass thickness of 4 mm or more.
A separate L rod and + driver are required for maintenance.
A soldering iron is required to replace the main board.
For the soldering method, refer to the attached manual when purchasing the main board separately.